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Privacy & Policy
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Our Policy

Healthe Care is committed to safeguarding the privacy of patient information.

Our doctors, nurses and other staff are bound by law and by a strict code of conduct to maintain confidentiality of patient information.

This page of our website provides details of what personal information we will hold about you as a patient at one of our hospitals, how you can access this information and the purposes for which your personal information is used and disclosed. Your personal information includes your personal details and personal health information relating to your treatment.

Information We Collect

We collect your personal details and medical history so we can provide you with treatment and advice. Test results and further information collected while you are being treated in hospital are kept with your medical record.

We only collect information that is relevant and necessary for your treatment and to help manage your care.

While the hospital maintains its own paper-based medical record, some of the information stored electronically is linked on an organisation basis.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure information we collect about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Patients can request incorrect information be amended.

We take reasonable steps to ensure information we collect about you is stored securely. We are required by law to retain medical records for certain periods of time depending on the type of record and facility.